Saturday, May 3, 2014

Back on the bike


Today I rode a bike.

Not such a big deal, you say, except that I have not been on a real bike in the two years since my crash. I was kind of afraid to try it again, a fear which was helped along by Joe's admonition, "I beg you, please, please don't get back on that bike."

I know that he and others were just afraid for my safety, but I really feel that my balance is good enough to ride on a flat surface away from traffic. I have worked on my quad strength through riding a stationary bike and through my recent foray into spinning. (Made it through three times already!)

I have had dreams when I am riding a bike with the breeze in my face. It's such a good feeling that you can't get through running. Well, at least I for one can't get it because I go so slowly.

I put my cell phone in my pocket in case of emergency, put on my helmet of course, and was on my way. I basically just went around the block, from my house and along Silverwood Terrace to the golf course and back. The point wasn't to get exercise but rather to test it out.

When Joe came home I told him that I had done it, and he said, "So you snuck out while I wasn't looking." Then I e-mailed Katie and she responded, "A bike ride?! How was it? Did someone watch you?"

I wrote back that I was a big girl now and I had done it by myself.

It was a little thing, but an important one in making me feel normal.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Runderful-Woman -- now on the wheel, but do consider what Joe and Katie say -- perhaps go with one of them next?

You are! on the bike again!