Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy 99th birthday Dad

I'm three years old in this photo in our living room.
My father, Al Gordon, would be 99 today.

I can just hear him say, "It's hard to believe."

He was the nicest, sweetest man. Even though he's been gone for 11 years, and my mother for seven, I miss them both so much every day. They lived long, good lives, and as he would also say, "I can't complain." But that doesn't keep me from tearing up as I write this. I'm so lucky to have good memories and to feel like they are still with me.

We thought he looked like a movie star, maybe Gregory Peck. In any case, he was always a hero to us.


Julie Hoffman Klein said...

I remember your parents fondly. They were elegant, soft spoken and kind. My late mom was very fond of them. She met them at Camp Geneva in the 1960s and maintained a friendship with them for many years. Happy 99th Mr. Gordon.

Anonymous said...

Here's to your wonderful parents! Thank you for all of the great memories that i have in your heart/h -- the barbecues at the beach -- perfectly set table -- Lynne, the garden -- Lynne --
Joe running the bar -- the wall of photographs...

his going to grad school and getting a master's when? in his '70's...
watching you and your father play tennis...even when he was in his '80's...

Here's to You, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon, Mr. Gordon, "Serve them up!"
Such true blessings in my life, as are you, Diane, and of course your babies...and family!

Nelle said...

Before my Dad died I never understood how people grieved for years over the loss of a parent. He's been gone two years and I think of him so often and miss him so very much. It's wonderful that we have these memories. I feel so sorry for others who don't.