Monday, June 3, 2013

Always look on the bright side

Watch this and then hum along:

It's what I am humming as I tell this little story.

I had a dream last night that, without anesthesia, the urologist took out my kidneys, washed them and then put them back in. He congratulated me for being such a good patient.

I told Joe this morning and he said, "I'm sorry, but at least he put them back."

Katie agreed that it was maybe actually a good dream in that the procedure was quick and easy.

It shows that I have some anxiety about the upcoming procedure. I would actually kind of like to get it over with, but Dr. Steele said to wait until July.

The weekend was so hot that it was hard to do anything. I got up really early on Saturday and walked Maddie, which was a good idea, but when I walked with Meryl yesterday around 10, it was so hot that we could barely make it to The Thirsty Mind for our iced coffee.

On Saturday I planned to go to the gym to ride a bike instead of riding on my real bike, which Joe had picked up from getting repaired. Joe said, "Will you please, please not get on that bike." He texted Ben, who agreed. OK already. As it was, I couldn't even make it to the gym.

Yesterday I put on my bathing suit with good intentions to go to the Swim Club, but all I did was sit around in it and then change back into shorts.

Today looks a little better.

Always look on the bright side...


Nelle said...

I have been in the hospital for a few weeks and home but dealing with issues and finally just got caught up on reading your blog. So sorry you are going through more stuff. I had the worst case of hospitalitis this time and actually cried and begged to leave the last three days. Hoping you have a speedy recovery from the pneumonia.
Sending bright thoughts your way,Nelle

Jim said...

Great post, RG. Hang in there. Hugs and love, Jim

Anonymous said...

i always sing pamelot! saw the play on broadway as child and then took my father in 1984 the night before we went to Italy!

you are amazing!