Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Busy busy

I've had a busy five days, starting with a wonderful weekend in beautiful Wellfleet and ending with two doctors' appointments yesterday and two today.

In Wellfleet, Diane and I walked along the beach and the bay, timing it perfectly to coincide with a sunny day and a half. We ate a lot of bluefish, caught by my nephew Sam and his cousin Giancarlo and then had it again after they caught more along with David the next day. It was nice and buttery, served with local asparagus that I had brought. On Sunday, David delivered pieces of fish to people on their block in Newton for what amounted to a community grill-fest. I might have eaten my quota for a while!

My visit with Dr. Alyea yesterday went well. My counts are normal and everything is in order. Next I saw an allergist who is going to give me a test to see if I really am allergic to penicillin. It says so on my chart, but years ago I took a "challenge" that said I wasn't. Still, it stays on my chart and limits what I can take in case of emergency. I'll have to return for that.

Today I saw Dr. Lin, my dermatologist, who froze off many of the problematic spots I have on my hands and face. (Ouch!) And I also met with Dr. Steele, the urologist who is going to do the kidney surgery. He spent a lot of time with me, drawing a diagram of where the spot is and what he will do. It's too involved to do laparoscopically, so it's going to be "real" surgery. Afterwards, I'll have a pain pump for the few days I am in the hospital. Does not sound like too much fun.


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Robin said...

Glad to hear you doing well. My boyfriend (who is a runner and multiple ironman), just beginning his own very tough cancer journey so you again bring inspiration. All the best.