Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth, Dad

Simon, a huskie-collie-shepherd mix
(or something like that), shares Al's
patriotism after my father put up the
flag one 4th of July at Atlantic Beach,
Long Island.

One of my father's favorite rituals was hanging the flag outside the beach house on July 4. Later I will post a photo of tall skinny dad holding a big flag. There is another of Simon the dog looking up at it. Simon was a husky-collie and maybe shepherd mix and my first doggie love, unless you count Sam Gordon, our family dog who was an affenpincher -poodle mix, an adorable but kind of crazy little thing. It was a good day. They both look very patriotic.

My father, a good New York Jewish liberal, hated the forces he believed were wreaking havoc in our country. But he always said that despite everything, it was the best country in the world, and he was proud to be an American. His words became known as the "Al Gordon speech," and Ben uses some of them when he delivers his Thanksgiving speech.

It seems the country is in more trouble than when he died in early 2001, and the world is a mess. But I think of him fondly on this day (every other day too), think of his big smile, and try to remember that a little optimism never hurt.


Howard said...

Great post Ronnie. Here's to your flag-waving, country-loving Dad. Have a great 4th.

Howard said...

Great post Ronnie. Here's to your flag-waving, country-loving Dad. Have a great 4th.

pam said...

Oh, Ronni, i just got such chills, and in a great way, remembering your Father, your Mother, and perhaps you could post that pix of your handsome Dad in his uniform when he served the best country to live in in the world during WWII.

And, my ever-dogger friend, our beloved Simon -- i was with you the first day of choosing him...and...

Happy Fourth again, this time online, and a day late...A Special Fourth because my beloved Dog came home from hospital after critical infection that threatened his life!
Happy Independence! Happy Dogdependence!

Susan C said...

That's great that you're reminded of your father's legacy every time you look at a flag or hear Ben's Thanksgiving Day speech.

Nelle said...

I can tell I would have really liked your Dad.

Diane said...

I was thinking of him as well - I can picture him standing outside the house with the flag, but also because of watching tennis this weekend. After his own game of tennis and a dip in the ocean, it was 'free time' and he would sit in the den with his long legs stretched out, watching the pros and enjoying every minute.

PJ said...

I was thinking just what Diane points out--your Dad has long legs!