Sunday, July 25, 2010

Standing (and playing) on two feet

I hit a few with Donna at the Field Club in Longmeadow yesterday. It was really too hot, but we planned it for 12:30-ish, so we went anyway. There aren't too many clay courts around here, and I like the idea of playing on a softer surface just in case I fall.

My left rib and arm still hurt from my driveway fall, but it didn't bother me too much, except a little on my backhand, which I can give myself as an excuse for why my backhand was so bad. We didn't stay too long, (well, about an hour), but I felt so energized being out there that it hardly bothered me. I made sure to drink plenty of water.

I hit quite a few forehands into the net until I remembered, "If you follow through, it will go over." Sure enough, it worked. And hey, I stood on two feet the whole time.

I've been making progress at physical therapy, too. It shows. I can walk in a straight line now (woo-hoo, no bumping into my walking companions), but I wish the work would still show better results at home, i.e. falling in my driveway, although it's not like I pull those stunts all the time.

My big triumph last session was balancing on one foot on a trampoline for 20 seconds. My worst exercise was having trouble walking heel to toe on a line. I'm working on that at home. Funniest moment: Rob, my therapist, said he was going to give me a new exercise consisting of walking sideways with one foot in front of the other alternating with one in back. "The hora," I shouted, dancing down the line while singing Hava Nagila. "Well, I guess we don't have to do that one," he said. I told him it might be genetic. (So maybe to keep from wobbling I should dance the hora all over town?)

I have an appointment at Dana-Farber tomorrow, followed by a bone density scan. Did I say that I had an appointment for the scan a couple of weeks ago and canceled it? Dr. Alyea asked why, and I had one good reason and one bad reason. The good one was that I had scheduled it on a day that was had gotten too busy. The bad one was that I knew the results wouldn't be good and didn't want to hear about it. WRONG! He said I might as well find out so that it can be treated. Yeah, yeah, I was going to reschedule it anyway.

Barry is kind enough to drive me tomorrow. I went last time by myself and it was fine, but it's better at this stage if I get a ride. Joe and Katie are both working. I go on a little guilt trip about asking him (or anyone) to spend what amounts to an entire day, but he has the time and seems happy to do it.

I'm going to give him a blueberry pie.

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