Friday, July 30, 2010

The ball bounces on

Bounce, hit. Bounce hit.

Occasionally, I hit the sweet spot. What a rush. My goal of course is just to get them over. I do better than last time. My serve even goes in (sometimes).

Chip and I are hitting at Mount Holyoke College, on courts that abut the lake where I walk Maddie. The only sounds are of the wind rustling through the trees, the waterfall flowing, and, since this is not serious tennis, of us chatting and alternating cries of "Oy!"

That was this morning. We didn't hit for long, but it felt great. The humidity has dropped, making me perk up considerably. I had to leave Maddie behind, so I will take her for a walk soon.

I have one more session left in physical therapy. Rob, my therapist, re-evaluated me yesterday. I've made good progress with balance and strengthening my legs, but I still can't go up a big step unattended. If I get down on the floor, I can only get up by turning onto my hands and knees, putting my hands down and rear-end up (like downward facing dog), and then walking my hands and feet together.

He put in for a few more sessions so I can work on that weakness. Also there is the small matter of falling twice within about three months. He gave me exercises to do at home, but most everyone knows we're more likely to follow through if we actually go someplace.

Meanwhile I will try to set up a doubles game with some of my old teammates. We've done this before when I'm getting back into it (sigh...again) and they are very patient. My partner knows to do the running. Today even though there were only two of us, I practiced keeping my returns away from the spot where Chip's partner would be.

I wasn't always successful, but at least I'm at the point where I can think about strategy.


donna said...

sounds good. I can't wait 'till you're back, partner!

Ann said...

I remember my immense frustration at not being able to step up onto a curb without a great deal of help and how getting up from the floor became an exercise in futility. When I told my PT about the floor problem, he told me it's one of the hardest exercises for people to master and that we take it for granted. Every time I wanted to dissolve into tears because I had to crab walk over to a chair in order to pull myself up, I repeated his words. A very short time from now, you'll be doing these things like a pro and the frustration will be a distant thing.

pam said...

viviDearest Ronni,

to quote the wonderful Al Gordon, "Serve them up."

you are amazing! Tennis anyone? Tennis, then a Run?