Saturday, November 28, 2009

A spectator and a finisher at Talking Turkey Race

Ben, wearing a sweatshirt he bought at Joe's school,
after finishing the 31st annual Talking Turkey Race
in Holyoke today.

This morning I put on my running clothes and headed to Holyoke (Mass.) for the 31st annual Talking Turkey Race, held at the beautiful Ashley Reservoir.

Normally I would be running myself, but today I went with Katie as spectators. We were there to cheer on Ben in his second big race. I felt so proud to see him run and finish. He hadn't run in two weeks, but he looked good, finishing in 1:03 and vowing, like a true runner, to train more and do better next year. I said I'd run it with him.

Regarded as one of the region's elite races, it attracted 1,281 runners on a sunny and windy day. Along with the St. Pat's race in March, it's a staple of the local running scene, and I ran it many times. My parents, who came from New York every year for Thanksgiving, went with me to Holyoke for the race. I was never super-fast, but I did well enough. In 2001, I ran it in 51:32. I can still hear them cheering at the finish line.

I missed 2003, the year I was first treated for leukemia, but came back in 2004 – my first post-cancer race, when I finished in 1:02. The next two years I did better each time, but then I had to stop again when I relapsed.

My legs are just beginning to feel better. I fooled around a little at the race today when all the runners had passed by, and my legs felt like they had a little more bounce in them.

I really wanted to be back with the pack, but it was great watching Ben and a bunch of my friends finish, including Bob, Stuart and Laura Chipkin, Walter Hamilton, Joanne Instrum, Mary Kate Sullivan and Jen Hylemon.

Congratulations to everyone!

I hope to join you next year.


donna said...

You absolutely will be in that race and many more next year! You're on your way up! Great picture of Ben!

PJ said...

Congrats to Ben. I know what you mean about itching to run. I've been doing some jog/walking, but the strength is just not there. Next year, you'll run with Ben.

Susan C said...

I'm very impressed with your numbers.

Can't wait to read your after-run post next year!

Anonymous said...

Ronnie - that's a great time if you are talking a 10K. I ran across your blog again while reviewing comments on my wifes blog You had left a comment on her blog some time ago. Good luck on getting your running going again. Walt from Battleground WA.

Anonymous said...

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