Monday, November 23, 2009

Down and up and the meaning of 'the'

Donna leant me a book, "Breakfast with Buddha," by Roland Merullo, that I am taking back and forth with me to the clinic. It's about Otto, an editor of food books, living in comfort with his wife and two children. Everything is good for him in the suburbs of New York, but he is nagged by a feeling that something is not right.

His sister tricks him into driving her guru to their family farm in North Dakota, and although Otto is annoyed at first and doubts that the Mongolian monk is the real thing, he begins to believe in the guru, and in his lessons about life.

The book had a role in last week's visit, which I didn't write about. My hematocrit was 20 – about the lowest in recent memory – and I needed two bags of blood. (I didn't need platelets, which were 21.) I read the book while I was getting the blood. When my nurse, Kerry, was disconnecting the IV at the end of the transfusion, a tiny bit of blood dropped on a page (sorry, Donna). Only half-joking, I said, "Let's see what word it fell on. It might be a sign."

It had fallen on the word "the."

I can't explain it, but it felt like a Zen moment. I laughed, the nurse laughed, and I went to get my car, a small smile still on my face.

I didn't get to read much of the book today, but I had a large smile on my face when I left. My numbers were great for me, and I didn't need anything. Platelets were 33 (up on their own from 21) and hematocrit was 26.7 (up from 20 with a transfusion). White count was normal, 6.7.

In Dana-Farber time, I didn't have to stay long. I was soon back on the Pike, and I even got home in the daylight.


Susan C said...

That's truly a sign. (Or should I say "the sign.")

I think I need to read this book.

PJ said...

Love those counts. It seems you've reached the tipping point and are on your way up. The day my counts started the upward trend, a huge cloud was lifted. You've been dealing with it a lot longer than I did, so I can imagine your relief.

Ann said...

I love that you shared this. Your numbers look good and it's only going to be a matter of time before you're outrunning the rest of us.

Nelle said...

That book sounds really interesting. I should be reading while spending so much time at home but I find myself nodding off a lot. Those counts are wonderful! So happy for you!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!