Monday, September 12, 2022

Here, there, and everywhere

With Katie at the Delacorte Theater

 I was half worried about my black-and-blue marks (low platelets?) and half realizing that they were due to 1) being a magnet for wayward tennis balls and a klutz who hits herself with her own racquet, and 2) being of a certain age at which you bruise more easily, and 3) having skin so thin and sensitive that just brushing up against something can cause a colorful bruise. Can you have platelet PTSD? It was a problem for such a long time (in the ER: "she has THREE platelets! ") when I thought I might bleed to death, that it is easy to see how I could be triggered.

But all was well at my most recent appointment, when I was still crying on an off about the dog. I wasn't sure I would make it on time because I had to pull over to cry, and then I got in Boston traffic. I texted Melissa to say I would be late, and she passed the message to Dr. Ho.  When I finally got there, my blood pressure was super high. Then, while I was waiting in the room, magic happened. From out in the hallway, I heard a laugh so infectious (in a positive way) that it should be recorded and replayed for patients wanting a lift. It was my first doctor, Dan DeAngelo. He came to the doorway. We checked in about our kids. I could feel my blood pressure dropping. Then, more magic. Dr. Ho had a resident (or Fellow?) with him and spent so much time with me that I asked if he needed to leave. We talked about what happened with Maddie. He wanted to see photos, and he told me what a good long life I gave her. And no, he didn't need to leave. "We are having a healing session." Great to have a doctor who is interested in healing the whole person.

I have been here, there, and everywhere.

Donna and I went into the US Open
from a different entrance

Back to Shakespeare in the Park with with Katie (fabulous musical version of "As You Like It"),  Indigo Girls in Northampton, US Open tennis in Queens (on the bus again with Donna and other fans), home for a day, then back to NYC on Sunday for a matinee of the wonderful "Into the Woods," and back home the next day, with a stop in Fairfield. 

It was great to be back on the bus and have the traditional brownies on the way back. (When George asked what made my volleys so great at the next clinic, I said it was that it was eating both my brownie and Donna's.) The two of us have a real system now, as compared to the first year when we were clueless. We saw a little bit of's and women's singles, doubles, and practice sessions from prized seats. 

I started driving into NYC in "high pandemic" because I didn't want to get on a train. Some people don't understand why I keep doing it, but I have a system that works, with strategically  placed coffee/bathroom breaks and a spot reserved in a garage so as to pay a reduced fee. I used to pride myself on finding parking, but with all the restaurants out on the sidewalk, it is too hard to do. Now a reserve a spot in a garage. This at least saves some money as compared to driving in and paying the same day.

The house is so quiet without the dog. I still look around for her think to give her a leftover or pet her when she comes into the living room looking for me while I'm doing yoga. But it is getting better. 

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