Thursday, September 7, 2017

Getting out of a couple of binds... in my dreams

Is it a good dream or a bad dream when something terrible happens and you get out of it?

Subconscious themes merged with images of cars submerged in water in hurricane-ravaged Texas.

I dreamt I was in the car talking on the phone when suddenly I came to the end of the road and said I had to get off the phone. Not sure who I was talking to, but it was too late to stop. The car slipped into the water. (Possible note to self to stop talking on phone in car?) The car turned into a boat. The boat developed leaks. (Oh wait, a friend said she is writing a book about shipwrecks, about leaky boats, so maybe I stole her dream.) I escaped from the boat, swam away and walked out onto a road.

I wondered if I should tell someone about the submerged boat. I figured I could get away with it because nobody would know it was me. But I felt bad and went back to look for it. Workmen were putting it back together. All was well.

Although I got into deep water, I found a way out.

According to this post about car wreck dreams, those where you go into water have a specific meaning: "When your wreck involves water or you dream about a submerged car, it's possible an emotional issue burdens you. In dreams, water is said to represent feelings, so to crash into a river or lake might mean you've been taken off course by an emotional issue."

But wait, during that same night I went to work at The Republican, thinking everything was fine until Mimi and Mary came over and told me I was topless. (Mimi says I should stop having these nightmares about work already, but my subconscious hasn't gotten the message.) I had work to do but figured I had time to run out and buy some clothes. I didn't think it was so bad but I didn't want to get in trouble. I was going to miss lunch but figured that emergency shopping took priority.

What do those naked dreams mean? According to this post the Dream Well, it depends on how you feel about it. (I didn't feel so bad.)

"The degree of discomfort we feel in a dream where we are naked in public is important," according to the post. "Feeling suddenly caught off guard, but not deeply upset by being naked in a dream is likely related to a shorter term or more recent life event.  A dream like this may be about feeling vulnerable as we experiment with a new situation, such as a new job or relationship."

Things are going well in something new. But it is challenging to teach an old horse new tricks. Plus you end up revealing your scars, and I have plenty of them.

Or I could just be dreaming about neuropathy.

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