Monday, October 17, 2016

Losing my hair again (in a dream)

I dreamt I had a tumor on my neck and would have to have my whole head shaved.

I didn't understand because the tumor wasn't near my hair. Someone said it would get in the way. Told me I had a nice head and shouldn't worry. I said it took me a long time to grow this hair back.

A nurse followed me around and said she was ready to take me. I said I had to say goodbye to my children first.

I went to work and cleaned off my desk. I scooped up bags of pretzels and old fruit. Some of the bananas looked OK so I thought I could leave them. But I threw them away. Scattered dollar bills. Cleaned it all up.

Found the ladies' room. A lot of women in there. One on a couch. I said at work I used to go out back and fall asleep for 15 minutes on a brown couch. No matter how many people were talking.

Someone asked did I have the printout that showed how much the newspaper was giving us in a distribution from our retirement fund. I said it was shoved in a desk somewhere and I hadn't even looked at it. I told Joe I thought he had taken it into the house but he couldn't remember. I found it in a drawer in my house.

I was getting $30,000 (ha)! The company wasn't happy about the way that turned out.

Joe was getting $30,000 too.

He was a little kid and wasn't keeping his clothes clean. A white sweater with a smudge. A suitcase full of dirty clothes.

I asked my mother what to do. Said I couldn't always do things for him.

I decided to wash some clothes and take the others to the dry cleaners. I would have him pay the dry-cleaning bill.

My mother thought it was a good compromise.

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