Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Just another crazy day on the road

"David: Axel."

"George: Axel."

This is my Turkish driver dictating texts into one of his phones while barreling down the Pike at 77 miles per hour. He maneuvers two phones at once and monitors his computer, where he keeps track of his 16-car fleet, including the repairs that George and David need on their cars. Customers call to complain, drivers call for assignments. A loud conversation takes place in Turkish. This man with the mane of the wavy black hair is the boss.

We hear a loud POP. A truck has gotten a flat tire. A piece of rubber flies past the windshield. We escape without harm. And somehow I get to Dana-Farber in one piece. I tell the nurses about this and ask what am I going to do. I am not going to file a complaint about him because he told me how he built this business from scratch based on two broken-down cars. I like him, he gets me there fastest, and he is very polite. I think I will call him directly on his cell phone and say that I am uncomfortable with him conducting business while driving me, and if he has to do it, please do not put in a bid with MART to drive me again.

The day started with a beautiful Indian summer clinic outside. I had just about half an hour to make my lunch and get my things together – well, just my computer and a book that I don't usually read. Marlene, my nurse from last week, who I also had today, had suggested asking Melissa if I could do five instead of six cycles because my arm starts to hurt at the fifth and it really doesn't make the much of a difference. Melissa gave the OK, but when Ellen the PA came around she said she would rather see me do six to get the most benefit. I told this to Marlene and she said there is no reason to sit in pain. I said I know that pain causes stress, which releases the hormone cortisol, which is not good for your health. I am going to stick with five.

For the past two visits, Marlene has looked from time to time at my computer while I watch my latest recommendation from Joe, the Netflix series Bloodline. There are so many flashbacks that it is difficult to keep it all straight, but Marlene and I have helped each other figure it out. I texted Joe that it was a little confusing and he said it will all become clear. He says he has never given me bad advice, and this is true, so I will have to take his word, since he recommended "Friday Night Lights," "Breaking Bad," and its antidote, "The Office."

Also, it is nice to see Kyle Chandler, who will always be Coach Taylor.


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