Monday, February 9, 2015

A little jogging, a lot of snow

It's a good thing I finally got a run in on Saturday before it started snowing again.

I was going to run from my house out Ferry Street to Brunelle's Marina, but after running just a little bit I saw there was no shoulder. I turned around and went a couple of times around Mount Holyoke's lower lake, adding small hills by running to and from some dorms and then back through campus. I'm not sure how far I went. Maybe three miles or so.

I had re-routed because I figured there wasn't much sense in getting hit by a car while trying to get in shape for St. Pat's. Good clear thinking, as my father used to say.

After working hard in yoga, I took Maddie over to Jim and Jane's for a play date with Blue because I figured I didn't have much to give her. I went back home and conked out on the couch, taking such a long nap that I was disoriented when I woke up close to 5.

I dreamt that a friend wanted a long strand of rose quartz beads from my mother's collection, but all I could find were double-stranded chokers. I was upset that she was not there because she could have easily used her pliers to make the change. I went into another room and she actually was there, looking young and beautiful but crying with Diane because my father was gone. I said I didn't think she was real, but someone else came into the room and said she really was. I don't know if this was a good dream or a bad dream.

Meanwhile, I was supposed to go to Boston tonight for a meeting that the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation was having to organize a 5K walk/run to be held in Boston on April 26. It was scheduled to include donors, recipients and volunteers. This is the organization that got me Denise, so I was happy to attend. I didn't understand that I was joining a committee, but that's fine because I'm eager to help out with ongoing efforts to raise awareness about swabbing and raise money for ongoing testing.

Understandably with all of this snow falling, the meeting has been postponed to next Monday.

When there might be more another storm.

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