Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hanukkah party worth the long drive

Nothing like driving for a long time to give you the pent up energy to fuel a (relatively) long run.

But to back up: I drove to New York on Sunday for my cousin Peter and his wife Anne's Hanukkah party in Riverdale, then after that drove to Ben's in Fairfield, then spent the night and drove back home yesterday.

It is not the kind of driving I usually do alone anymore. Well, I guess I wasn't exactly alone because on the way down I got tired enough that I had to stop at a Mobil station and get the bag of Fritos and the Coke that accompanied me into New York. By the time I got to Ben's my eyelid was twitching!

It was worth it, though. I saw relatives that I hadn't seen for a while, relatives I see on Facebook and also friends of relatives and relatives of relatives. We had sandwiches on the kind of New York deli rye that you can't get anywhere else. I indulged on thick corned beef sandwiches and cole slaw, yum, and talked to a lot of people.

We of course lit the candles and then had presents. I was surprised and happy that I got two scarves...especially since I still haven't found my bag of winter stuff.

We have a small family and I'm glad to be able to keep up with relatives on happy occasions.

When I got home yesterday I ran into the house, put on my running stuff and flew out of here. I ran to Brunelle's Marina and back and didn't feel tired at all. A police officer looking for speeders was parked on the shoulder and pulled a little off the road for me. I asked him if was going to give me a speeding ticket and he said, "Not this time." (I hope he wasn't projecting onto some other time.)

For some reason I thought that run was three miles, but I checked it on google maps and it is actually 1.9 miles one way. So almost four miles.

I skipped St. Pat's last year due to the spate of terrible pain I had in my quads (probably from prednisone), but I think that I might actually be able to do the next one. Toes crossed.

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