Monday, July 14, 2014

Blood tests, biopsies and other fun things

I had two more possible squamous cell cancers removed today in a "scoop biopsy"  – one on the top of my left hand and the other on my left forearm – mirroring the one on my right are from three weeks ago, so that if nothing else I will have symmetrical little scars.

In the "what was I thinking" department, I planned to go home tonight, but I am staying in Newton instead. I forgot how much these things sting for at least the first 24 hours. For some reason the one on my hand is also itchy, so I took an oxycodone and a Benadryl. I definitely expect to sleep well tonight.

The dermatologist also froze several spots on my face, proclaiming that I had gotten the royal treatment.

Earlier in the day I had a checkup with Melissa. I had been a little anxious when a previous test revealed slightly lower numbers. They are still not back to their most recent high,  but Melissa said not to worry, they are all fine. Since I am not trading in money and the only investment is in my comfort level, I will have to let it be.

White count: 9.1 (normal=3.8–9.2)
Hemoglobin: 11.3 (normal=11.9–15.0)
Hematocrit: 32.8 (normal=34.8–43.6)
Platelets: 127 (normal=155-410)

This was going to be my big three-month interval between appointments, but I went back after two anyway with concerns on my mind. We're just going to keep it at two next time because there are so many things to monitor.

Next Monday I have two more appointments with different specialists, so back on the Pike I will go.

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Ann said...

With you every step of the way.