Sunday, May 19, 2013

Home again

I had blueberry pancakes with local maple syrup today. Hurray!

After 10 days of getting my breakfast on a tray and moving only from the bed to the chair, I have to say that it was an effort to make my own meal. I am going to take a mini-walk today, but that's about it.

I misplaced the Benadryl I bought last night for my drug-related rash, and just going up and down the stairs to look for it was exhausting. Joe found it on my bathroom counter. I guess my eyes are not working too well. I have been applying a cream, but it only works for a few minutes.

The rash is from one of the antibiotics I took. I am going to make an appointment with an allergist in Boston to sort things out. "How many rashes have you had? A hundred?" Dr. Marty asked. That's just about right.

Also on the horizon is an appointment with the kidney doctor Wednesday. The nurse who discharged me read me the paperwork that in one sentence referred to a cyst and in another referred to a cancerous lesion. I started to cry. She said don't mind what they wrote, someone was probably just typing away. I know they don't know exactly what it is. I think I had a case of hospitalitis. When Joe picked me up I got in the car and cried some more.

The nurse said that if I was worried, I should call Dr. Alyea. But what am I going to say? "I'm upset about what somebody wrote?" I didn't call. He would just say let's wait and see the what the specialist says.

Mentally,  I feel better today, but as anyone who has had a rash knows, an itch can drive you crazy.


Marty said...

As some blogger wrote: "{it} is about falling down and getting up, coping and coming back..."
Just keep getting up. I know you will.
I also know that a simple itch can be the worst thing to have to deal with! Sometimes a soothing bath with thick bath oils calms it down.

I've stolen a few phrases over the past years, and embrace them as my personal philosophy:
One day at a time.
Just keep breathing.
Walk with the dog.
Some doctors are fools. Ignore them.
If you find a doctor who's a mensch, keep him. And listen to him.
Stay strong.


PJ said...

Glad you're home but sorry you're itchy. I found the best way to deal with itchiness is distraction. I've tried every medication and cream in the book, but I still get horrible bouts.

About the cyst.Nobody knows what it is until it's removed and biopsied. We get tested so much they find odd things they're not even looking for. This is good because if it's something serious, it can be promptly treated. You know all this and it sucks but that's the world we live in.