Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wonderful weekend in Wellfleet

The beach at Maguire Landing in Wellfleet
There is nothing like a walk along the beach for letting the breeze blow all your cares away.

I took that walk on a beautiful long weekend in Wellfleet. We scheduled it so that all three kids could come; as they get older that gets harder to do, and it was such a pleasure to have them together.

We got a lot in: Sitting and walking on the beach, jumping into the still-cold Atlantic ocean, a walk/swim on the bay, a little shopping, a little hanging around, and dinner at The Beachcomber, a restaurant on the beach. Diane, David and Sam came later on, and we had a fire on the beach at night under a canopy of stars and made s'mores while watching the harvest moon appear like an orange apparition that changed shape as it rose in the sky.

Ben, me, Katie and Joe
We also walked over Uncle Tim's bridge, a wooden footbridge over a marsh leading to a path along the harbor. We stopped, as we have in previous years, to sit on a bench and enjoy the view of town across the water. We browsed through and wrote in the "bench book," left there by a local resident who started a tradition of visitors stopping by and writing in it.

I had made a face the day before upon mention of my upcoming birthday, and Katie had said, "Why wouldn't you celebrate another year of being alive?"

I thought of her words again in that beautiful spot.

There is a lot to celebrate.
Katie and Joe with the bench book
Views from the bench

Diane in front of Hatch's Produce.


Nelle said...

I celebrate all birthdays with great gusto now. Even though I am not thrilled with the numbers being in the fives lol. In advance: wishing you the happiest birthday filled with love and joy!

Joanna said...

Happy Birthday! I hope this next year is filled with tennis, running and beautiful walks on the beach.

PJ said...

Happy Birthday! The photos of you and the kids are great. You have a lot to be proud of. No one would believe your story. I do.

Jim said...

Wonderful photos and winner of a blog entry. Happy birthday!