Monday, July 4, 2011

Hello bike

Yesterday I planned to walk Maddie first and run after, but after a lap around the lake with the dog, I realized it was so humid that running would feel terrible.

It was finally time to take out the bike.

Poor thing. Yes, I know it is an inanimate object, but I did feel sorry for it.

I have totally neglected it since last spring. It was covered with spider webs, pine needles, dust and leaves. I took a gardening glove and wiped it off. I oiled the chain, put air in the tires and deemed it ready for a test drive.  It needs a professional tune-up, but I didn't want to invest the money if I couldn't ride it.

I had tried last spring, when, not having the strength or flexibility to lift my leg over the bar on my bike, I rode Katie's slightly smaller one. But I never got far. I didn't fall off the bike, but I lost my balance and fell several times when walking. It was my Gumby period. My legs, not yet fully recovered from all that time in bed in the hospital, were further weakened by the prednisone, and I couldn't even walk straight. So it was bye-bye bike.

I took out my own bike yesterday because I feel strong and balanced enough to ride it. I rode a short distance and practiced getting on and off, near grass in case I fell. Check. And then I just started to ride. It's a little difficult around here because of the hills, but I took a route that wasn't too bad.

Wheeeeee! That's the sound of me pedaling on a straight-away or going downhill. I felt like shouting, "Look, Ma!"

The sound of me going uphill was not so pretty, but hey, at least I did it without getting off.

When I got home, I high-fived Joe and Katie.


susiegb said...

I am so impressed Ronni! I haven't had a bike since I was a kid. My last big memory of bike-riding is when I was in Nepal (aged about 22) and I ended up face-down in a lotus pond!! Funny in retrospect but somewhat humiliating at the time ... :)

Watch out for lotus ponds!

Nelle said...

Ronni this is unbelievable! Last week I took my 3 speed Ross out. Had my son check the tires etc. I was really scared but like you, practiced getting on and off it. I also changed flip flops to sneakers. My son followed me running behind the bike and I thought "I did this when I taught him to ride!" I am going around my development two laps on mornings the weather permits. Enjoy!!!!!