Monday, January 24, 2011

Platelet panic

Because I have four weeks instead of the usual three between appointments at Dana-Farber, I had a blood test locally last week, basically to see how my liver is doing on the slightly lower prednisone dose of 15 mg. a day.

I talked to Melissa on Friday, and she said that my liver enzymes are about the same, and the rest of my counts are fine...except that my platelets dropped again. At my last visit two and a half weeks ago, they were 60. The latest count is 35. (That's 35,000; normal is 150,000 to 450,000.)

She said Dr. Alyea said not to worry and to just keep the appointment I have for next Monday. It could be because I have a cold. Also she pointed out that my platelets have dropped many times before and then rebounded.

I went into a funk.

I knew all the reasons not to worry. But when a number goes down like that, I flash back to the times when lower numbers meant relapse.

Also I need to have two more teeth pulled. They don't hurt all the time, but they are increasingly painful. If my platelets don't rise on their own, I will probably need to have a transfusion so I can proceed with the dental work.

Some of the usual suspects helped talk me down, plus I did the usual things to distract myself. In the evening, I had tacos with Meryl and her kids and then went to the high school to watch the students put on a musical, "Mirror Image," a cute fairytale. Even though Katie has graduated, I still know some of the kids, and I like going back there. I clapped for Meryl's talented daughter, Betty, as if she were my own.

When I got home, for good measure, I took half an Ativan, ate a lot of chocolate-covered pretzels, and went to bed. By the next day it had started to dissipate.


Elayne said...

Hey Ronni!
It really is very hard to see your #'s go down and to then "not worry about it".
Glad you have your "usual suspects" and chocolate covered pretzels to help pull you out of the "funk"..I know that place all too well:) have a good day
Elayne ( Bostonian gone Texan:)

Jim said...

Hang in there, Ronni. Dori went through something similar this week. Not fun. We'll keep you in our prayers.

Diane said...

If the doctors say not to worry, then don't worry. They are ALWAYS honest with you. (Of course, easy for me to say, but still it's good advice!)

pamela perkins said...

Runderful Ronni,

Ronni-Resilience...Platelets are on the Rise...
Panic/pamic is normal --
You are on the mend,
and on the Thrive...


Anonymous said...

I haven't checked in on you in a while, Ronnie. Sorry to hear about the platelets.

I've just finished a book about my last 30 months. It's called Stumbling Toward Heaven. It should be out by early March.

Keep writing

PJ said...

Glad you were able to rise out of your funk. Sinking platelets are the worst, but colds do chew them up so I'm with your doctor on this one.

Ann said...

Platelet counts get dinged by every little thing. I know it's hard not to worry when the numbers shift. My white count is up and I have to keep telling myself it's the steroids. If your doctors aren't worried, then you shouldn't be either. Hang in there.