Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hospital stay extended

I was supposed to be discharged today, but I have to stay a couple of extra days because a 100.8 temperature snuck in this morning. My temperature has been normal the whole time I've been in the hospital, and it was normal all of today, so that tiny spike is a bit of a mystery.

All of my blood cultures came back normal, so they took me off antibiotics and will just watch me for another day or so to see if I'm OK. 

Nothing eventful has happened, unless you count the hour I spent lying on my side after a physician's assistant put liquid Colace in my ear in hopes of loosening the wax that has been bothering me. She then tried to suction it out; unfortunately the home remedy did not work, so she ordered prescription drops. I can't hear out of that ear. Just get me a crochet hook!

I've been having a good run with "Seinfeld." I watch it a lot, so it's amazing that I often see episodes for the first time. During my winter-spring hospitalization, my friend Barry, knowing that I like "Seinfeld," brought me a tiny wind-up pony that reminded him of the "pony episode" in which Jerry gets into trouble by casting aspersions on pony-lovers. I played with the toy and it made me laugh when it trotted across my table, but I couldn't relate because I had never seen the episode. It was on tonight, and I finally got the full meaning of the joke. 

Last night, I watched the first of the Keith Hernandez episodes, which I had also never seen, and tonight, after I switched channels for my second "Seinfeld," I caught the second part of the Hernandez story.

Yes, this is what it comes down to sometimes. Oh well, it makes the time pass.  


susiegb said...

oh noooo - keep away from your ears with croquet hooks, cotton buds or anything smaller than your finger!! It does usually take a couple of days for earwax to loosen up - you have to be patient (no that wasn't a pun but ... )

Sorry you're still there but at least you're catching up on TV ... :)

Ann said...

Eek! I can't stand having drops in my ears. Sorry you had to endure it. Fingers crossed that you get to go home tomorrow.

Wendy S. Harpham, MD said...

Glad the cultures were neg.
Hoping temp remains normal.
With hope, Wendy

Nelle said...

I have a Seinfeld trivia book and am a HUGE fan. The more you watch the more you want to see any unseen episodes. I could never decide on a favorite I love so many. Even watching the third time I am still laughing and enjoying them. Hope they release you soon.