Friday, April 17, 2009

Bone Marrow drive planned in Boston area

A Boston "Marrowthon" is scheduled Sunday and Monday in Brookline for a little girl named Eve who needs a bone marrow donor and cannot find one on the registry.

My friends PJ and Ann posted the information is their blogs, and I'm trying to help spread the word. All it takes is a quick tongue swab to find out if you could potentially be a life-saving donor.
The drive will take place at Congregation Kehillath Israel (617-222-9155. ) More information, such as the address, is on the flyer. Here's the link:


Ann said...

Thanks, Ronni!

Louise Cohen said...

PJ and Ann,

A minute ago I posted greetings to you and Ronni. Afterwards I read your blogs, and hope you forgive me for seeming only to wish Ronni well. I didn't realize that the two of you had also had transplants. You are all amazing people in generously taking time to care about patients who have not yet found their matches. I wish everybody many years of good health.

Louise Cohen

PS If anybody needs to reach me for info about volunteering at the "Marrowthon" I'm at

Louise Cohen said...

Well, it looks as though my first post didn't go through after all, so I'm trying again. I am a volunteer for Gift of Life Bone Marrow Registry, coordinating the "marrowthon" in Brookline, MA.

Thank you all for helping to spread the word about our efforts. If any of your friends wants to help out, we need people both days, but especially on Monday to hand out flyers to the folks watching the race in Coolidge Corner. We want to remind them that we are only a few blocks away on Harvard Street and that even non-runners can be heroes that day.

The drive will be at a synagogue, (outside -- weather permitting) and little Eve will probably need a Jewish donor, but, as you know, patients have access to donors tested by any registry worldwide. We will gladly test people of any ethnic heritage.

"Karma" is not a particularly Jewish concept, but in any faith you three have earned a lot of "points" towards your own recoveries by being so concerned about other patients.